The Big Book of Lies

It's not big and it's not a book


    Impress your friends and startle your enemies with a never-ending* series of incredible facts, figures and news reports, all of which are COMPLETELY UNTRUE! Why waste time on the truth when complete rubbish is so much more interesting?

    We update DAILY* so come back and bone up on the latest in complete and utter bollocks regularly!

    * - this may also be a lie.

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  • Credit where Credit is Due

    With thanks and credit to Monty Python and The Hackenthorpe Book of Lies (p.74, The Brand New Monty Python Bok), which amused me immensely as a teenager and eventually helped inspire the site you are reading now. Not an ENTIRELY wasted youth then.

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About Us

The Big Book of Lies is a satirical, nonsensical look at the world. For the hard-of-thinking and overly excited lawyers, we should emphasise that NOTHING INCLUDED HERE IS TRUE. if you believe ANYTHING you read here, you are a fool.

It is always possible that a genuine fact may slip through from time to time, and for that we apologise and promise to remove any such truths as soon as we discover them. Any factual comments (or lies that would seem to suggest the the opposite statement is the truth) are PERSONAL OPINIONS and you may choose to agree or disagree.

Should you have any ideas for stories, you can send them to psychomaniafilms(at) All published stories will see the writer receive a Marvel Comics style No Prize via email.

Any correspondence will be dealt with at our leisure and only replied to if we feel like it. So there. We will publish fan mail and hate mail should we choose to unless you CLEARLY state ‘not for publication’.

If you want us to link to you, send us all the details and we’ll take a look. We’re not that fussy so probably will say yes. We will expect you to link back to us. Website monkeys can find our banners in the PROMOTE US page.

Should anyone ever ask us any questions, we might add FAQs.

Oh, and all the text here is copyright by us so don’t go ripping it off. Do what you like with the photos that we’ve found online. If you OWN the photos – sorry, we’re not doing any harm and not making any money. We’ll credit you if you like. But if you are SERIOUSLY upset, we’ll take them down. Fascists.

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