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Archive for the ‘Music’ Category

The World’s Sexiest Woman

Posted by Arthur St John Bodysnatcher on July 22, 2010

Hylda Baker, Sex Goddess

Actress and pop star Hylda Baker has topped FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World list for the third year running. This is despite her dying in 1986.


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Something for the Weekend – a bumper collection of mini-lies

Posted by Arthur St John Bodysnatcher on December 5, 2009

* Bankers work hard and deserve every penny they get

* Politicians only have your best interests at heart

* British television is the best in the world

* Religious groups promote tolerance and understanding

* Everyone loves football and is really excited about the World Cup

* Mark Kermode is Britain’s best film critic

* Fighting the war in Afghanistan reduces the threat of terrorist attacks back home

* Simon Cowell is the saviour of music

* Daily Mail readers are a tolerant, considered group

* Stephen King is a lazy slacker

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The Biggest Ever Gig

Posted by Arthur St John Bodysnatcher on December 1, 2009

The Bay City Rollers

The Bay City Rollers - loved by millions

The largest live concert ever performed was by the Bay City Rollers in 1974, when the band played to a crowd of over two million people  on a specially-constructed off-shore island in the Carribean.

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Britain’s Worst Serial Killer

Posted by Arthur St John Bodysnatcher on November 27, 2009

Georeg Formby, Britain's worst serial killer

One, Two, Formby's Coming For You...

Britain’s most notorious serial killer is George Formby, the Lancashire Slasher. Over a thirty year period, Formby carried out at least fifty murders, using a metal pipe that he would sinisterly call his “little stick of Blackpool rock”.

Formby used his job as a window cleaner to select his victims, spying on them to see if they were alone before breaking in and murdering them in their beds.

Most disturbing is the fact that Formby became a successful recording artist, and would make subtle references to his crimes within his songs. It was only when he released the rather too obvious I Am the Lancashire Slasher that he was apprehended.

In court, he blamed his crimes on a mysterious Chinaman named Mr Wu, who only he could see or hear. This defence was initially rejected, but after conviction, Formby’s mental state deteriorated, and he was confined to Broadmoor, where he still lives, aged 105.

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Mexicans Love Crass

Posted by Arthur St John Bodysnatcher on November 25, 2009

Crass - the choice of Mexican youth

Big in Mexico

The biggest selling record in Mexico is 1982 release How Does it Feel to be the Mother of a Thousand Dead – a tribute to Margaret Thatcher by anarcho-punk pioneers Crass, which sold over 10 million copies, keeping it in the charts for over two years (7 months at number one). The band made 73 appearances on top rated music show Basura de Pop para cretinos, which was broadcast 4 times a day to the pop-mad nation. However, Mexico’s biggest music act remains Toad the Wet Sprocket, who have sold over 200 million records so far.

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