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Archive for the ‘Technology’ Category

Facebook Wants Your Babies!

Posted by Arthur St John Bodysnatcher on January 14, 2010

Satan Loves Facebook

Satan - the CEO of Facebook

Facebook fans should sign up to our new group, helping prevent the site from enacting it’s new sinister plans.

Starting this summer, Facebook – headed by Satan – will start charging people $100 a day JUST FOR OWNING A COMPUTER! They will also be demanding the sacrifice all all first born children to their God Cthulhu and be setting up death camps for all Myspace, Bebo and Twitter users.

The Big Book of Bad Wisdom has exclusive information that Facebook is in fact run by Satan, who is working in collaboration with Venusian invaders determined to enslave humanity. However, if a mere one billion people join this group, the slimy invaders will rethink their plans, and Satan will relinquish his hold on your soul – and, more importantly, not charge you to throw virtual sheep at people.

Sign up here


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The Digital (Watch) Revolution

Posted by Arthur St John Bodysnatcher on November 27, 2009

The First Digital Watch

Wearing a digital watch remains a sign of sophistication

The Digital Watch was invented in 1836 by Parisian Gaston Digital. His early version combined a time-piece with a soldering iron and smoothie maker, and was hugely popular with continental fashionistas.

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