The Big Book of Lies

It's not big and it's not a book


    Impress your friends and startle your enemies with a never-ending* series of incredible facts, figures and news reports, all of which are COMPLETELY UNTRUE! Why waste time on the truth when complete rubbish is so much more interesting?

    We update DAILY* so come back and bone up on the latest in complete and utter bollocks regularly!

    * - this may also be a lie.

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  • Credit where Credit is Due

    With thanks and credit to Monty Python and The Hackenthorpe Book of Lies (p.74, The Brand New Monty Python Bok), which amused me immensely as a teenager and eventually helped inspire the site you are reading now. Not an ENTIRELY wasted youth then.

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The History of The Big Book of Lies

Arthur St John Bodysnatcher, co-founder of The Big Book of Bad Wisdom

Arthur St John Bodysnatcher

Norman 'The Jabber' Grimshaw, co-founder of The Big Book of Bad Wisdom

Norman 'The Jabber' Grimshaw

Founded in 1928 – on the old steam-driven interweb – by Arthur St John Bodysnatcher and Norman ‘The Jabber’ Grimshaw, The Big Book of Lies was created to inspire, educate and confuse.

St John Bodysnatcher – who’s face still adorns the site today – was a self-made billionaire who squandered his fortune in search of the Lost City of Hull, where he believed the secret of eternal irritation could be found. Down on his luck, he teamed with Grimshaw, a former bare knuckle fighter and local magistrate to create the world’s finest collection of mini cheddars and paintings of dogs playing golf, before branching out into the exciting world of technology.

The first editions of The Big Book of Lies were 30 volume hardcover editions delivered by carrier pigeon, before the intrepid pair invented the World Wide Web, personally laying cable across the whole world. Sadly for the dynamic duo, there were no personal computers available to view the site for another two decades.

St John Bodysnatcher is now the head of MI5 and a retired psychopath, while Grimshaw teaches Latin to the cannibal pygmies of New Guinea.


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